NOCTURNE ŞI DANSURI (Libris, Braşov, 2014):

Bach  /  Suitele pentru lăută BWV 995 şi 996

Takemitsu  / All in Twilight

Britten  /  Nocturnal after John Dowland, op. 70




Released in 2014, Nocturnes and Dances CD was a premiere for the Romanian guitar world: presenting a repertoire which has been recorded for the first time in our country, the music of Bach’s Dances and Britten and Takemitsu’s Nocturnes comes together in a recording which shows the musician’s passion for different idioms, Costin Soare being one of the very few Romania guitarist concerned with playing and promoting contemporary music.


 Astor Piazzolla Night club 1960

 Jorge Morel Danza brasilera


Ceso Machado (n. 1953) – 1. Pacoca (Choro), 2. Piazza Vittorio (Choro maxixe), 3. Pe de moleque (Samba choro)
4. Quebra Queixo (Choro)
Bela Bartok (1881-1945) – Sase dansuri populare romanesti (Six Romanian Folk Dances): 5. Jocul cu bâtă
6. Brâul, 7. Pe loc, 8. Buciumeana, 9. Poarga românească, 10. Mărunțelul
Ariel Ramirez (1921-2010) – 11. Alfonsina y el mar
Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992) – L’histoire du Tango: 12. Bordel 1900, 13. Cafe 1930, 14. Nightclub 1960, 15. Concert d’aujour’hui
Jorge Morel (n. 1931) – 16. Danza brasilera
Miroslav Tadic (n.1959) – Patru piese macedonene (Four Macedonian Pieces): 17. Zajdi, Zajdi, 18. Pajdushka, 19. Jovka Kumanovka, 20. Gajdarsko oro,

Exoticism, subtle nuances, primary emotions – these are outstanding characteristics of the music on the CD Twenty Shades of Music. Oscillating between Latin America and the Balkans, the program offers everything these antipodes have in common: the taste for the folk spirit, old and new, cosmopolite and pure, melancholic and vibrant, rich in archetypes and with vital breath, but also the unique mix between joy and sadness, gathered for generations of tumultuous history, mirrored in the intense expression of tragedy with melody and dance triumphing over it.

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